A Dharma Journey

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We are each a unique puzzle piece in this world. When we live our dharma, our piece is nicely in place, adding our unique gifts to the world. When we are not living our dharma, not only do we feel we are missing something in our lives, but the world is less whole as well.
So what is a “dharma?” It’s the unique gifts that only you can bring into this world to raise the collective consciousness. Raising consciousness means raising the level of love, peace, and joy in the world. When you radiate these elevated emotions, it raises those of everyone around you and starts a beautiful chain reaction.
For some souls, your dharma is a way of being, like kindness, presence, or love. It may also tie to what you are doing in this world, like teaching, creating a unique product, or healing.
This journey will take you through exercises to help uncover your dharma, which your Soulful Self already knows. It’s a journey of remembering and intuition, not thinking and logic. Enjoy!
Let’s start our remembering process! Get a journal and pen ready. On a fresh page, write the title “Physical Bio.” Answer the first five questions from your logical mind without overthinking things. Include events that have shaped your beliefs or left a lasting wound. Once complete, set things down and let a day pass before you start the soulful section. You can come back and add items later.
Bio Questions
For the Soulful Bio, we want to tap into our intuition. Start by quieting your mind and becoming present (use meditation below).
Start a new page in your journal with the heading “Soulful Bio.” Answer the five soul questions from a place of knowing. If the mind kicks in, take a few moments to quiet it before moving on. Even if what arises doesn’t make sense, write it down. You can use images in addition to words.
Once both sections are complete, look at both sets of answers to see if any aha moments arise.
See if your dominant outward sense is also your prevailing intuitive sense. Listen to your intuition for guidance.
Does what you most want in the world start to point to a way of being or something you want to do in this lifetime?
Do the gaps between your soul bio and physical bio point to stale beliefs or patterns that no longer serve you?

book recommendationI love this book by Sahara Rose – “Discover Your Dharma.” In her book, Sahara uses the Ayurvedic doshas as a guide to uncovering your dharma. I enthusiastically encourage you to add this to your bookshelf!

📖 Get the Book

Woman with her arms outstretchedSankalpa is a Sanskrit word that can mean your vow, your rule to be followed above all rules. Think of it as your true North, a way of being that guides you through life. You will likely uncover this vow as you go through your dharma journey.
Open your journal to two new, facing pages. Write the questions on the image below anywhere on those pages, leaving room for your responses. This is a non-linear exercise and can consist of both words and pictures. You can add to it whenever you want.
journal prompts
For the dharma archetypes (teacher, nurturer, visionary, etc.), select one or two that most fit you (if you have Sahara’s book, turn to page 123); otherwise, refer to those on the left.
See if any aha moments and connections are beginning to arise. When you combine your bios and dharma insights, what unique set of experiences, gifts, and skills emerge?
Have you faced a unique experience in your life, and can you help others in the same situation?
What mode of engagement is right for you – connecting with people, helping get things done, or coming up with the vision or ideas?
When you combine your innate talents and acquired skills, do they make you uniquely qualified for something?
Do you feel excited about any talents, skills or ideas that arose, even if you are not sure what you will do with them?
Do you see any old beliefs or patterns that are holding you back or limiting your potential dharma?
How do the traits you admire lead you to a true north or sacred vow?
Think of a time when you were doing something, and everything felt right with the world. You were in your zone, being completely yourself. What were you doing?
What is your idea of heaven on earth? What are you doing, and how are you in this imagined reality?
manifestGet ready to manifest your dharma! We are going to use Dr. Joe Dispenza’s method from his book, “Becoming Supernatural.” Take out a sheet of paper and do the following:
Write a letter at the top—draw two curvy lines around it and sunbeams emanating from it.
On the left side of the paper, make a list of attributes that will be true when you are living your dharma. Remember to word them in a way that allows the universe to exceed your expectations!
On the right side of the paper, write down how you will feel when you are living your dharma: grateful, fulfilled, valued, strong, etc.
Spend time and feel this new reality in your mind and body. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between a real experience and a cultivated experience, so let your live your dharma in your mind, emotions, and body. Get ready for the upcoming meditation!
This 17-minute meditation helps you manifest a possibility created using Dr. Joe Dispenza’s method outlined in his book “Becoming Supernatural.” Enjoy!

🎥 Meditation

You can listen to Dr. Dispenza’s recordings on audibles or via other mediums.

Once we start living our dharma (life’s passion), most of us want to do it right now! We want to immediately switch gears and do what makes our hearts sing while still maintaining our current income and taking care of our current obligations.
The universe, however, has divine timing and unique ways of fulfilling our life’s purpose that we can’t fathom. All our personal and career experiences add to the talents required to fulfill our unique mission in the world. Keeping our eyes open, bravely stepping out and exploring new opportunities, and patience are vital assets for soul journeyers.
In my dharmic journey, I use skills I have been amassing for my entire lifetime: challenging childhood situations, 30+ years in the tech industry, yoga training, project management experience, writing, life coach training, intuition training, and more. I explored these areas because I loved them, not knowing they would combine in unique ways later in life.
So listen to your soul, let go of things that do not serve you, embrace things that make your soul sing, keep your eyes open and be patient. Align your energy with affirmations and manifesting.
manifestKeep your dharma journey at the forefront of your mind. Consider making a dharma board. A dharma board is similar to a vision board, but it isn’t goal-oriented but intention-oriented, and it’s about what elevating gifts you bring into your life and the world. Also, unlike a vision board, I recommend that your dharma board is NOT timebound, allowing the universe to work its magic.
Using images and words, create a visual of your dharma. You may not know what it is yet, but making the board will show what it looks and feels like, helping you uncover and manifest it.
The board can be tactile or digital and in a prominent place. When you look at it, it should evoke the emotions and feelings you associate with your dharma.
Woman with her arms outstretchedAs you have gone through this process, insights will hopefully emerge. If your dharma is simply a sensation in your body, you are on your way!
Things to remember:
The creative process is non-linear and not time-bound. You will receive new insights as you go. Stay open, curious, and receptive. Spend time in nature or places with negative ions (think your shower or moving water).
Move forward a step at a time. Your dharma likely will not present itself in one fell swoop but will slowly reveal itself as you explore what the universe is bringing your way. Dive into anything that excites you and see how the puzzle pieces start to expose the whole.
Your dharma is not static; it will grow and emerge as you do. Your true north will stay the same, but the journey will be surprising and satisfying.
Your dharma should excite you! That doesn’t mean it might not be scary, but it should ignite your passions.
Don’t limit your dharma to only what you can imagine. Give the universe room to room to craft something unique and perfect for you in its perfect timing.
Woman with her arms outstretchedYou are on your way! Remember that life will get busy and try to divert you onto dead-end roads and circuitous scenic routes. It’s helpful to have a guide and support on your journey. Consider one or more of the following:
Keep working with the manifesting meditation and attract the energy you need for your dharma.
JOURNAL! Your journal helps you see your progress and link together key insights.
Join a Dharma Circle on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:00 mountain time. Within this group, we encourage and support each other. The group’s collective wisdom will provide new insights and help you when you are stuck. 
Enjoy an intuitive reading and soul coaching session to jumpstart your progress. We’ll see what is next on your path and how to navigate it.

Set Up a Soul Coaching Session

Use intentions or affirmations to bring your dharma to life. Use one of the intention-setting meditations in the Yoga Nidra Club.

Set an Intention

Purchase Sahara Rose’s Discover Your Dharma book and dive deeper into the dharma exploration process.

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