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Yogis growing in their personal soul journey and yoga practice make the best teachers. The YoGo Teachers App nurtures your soul with mindfulness offerings and inspiration while supporting your teaching with insightful yoga and anatomy articles/ideas. It’s the perfect digital companion for any yoga teacher.

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Carin Lockhart

Hi!  I’m Carin Lockhart, founder of YoGo.  My dharma is to be a weaver of light: to connect other souls into the universal energy tapestry of light and love.  I am incredibly passionate about this mission!  And filling yoga teachers with light has an exponential rate of return since you touch so many souls.

I’d be honored if you would join me, exploring soul-full topics and taking your teaching to the next level.  As part of the app, you can join the YoGo teacher community and converse with other subscribers and me.  Want to message me directly?  Use the text feature.  Want to explore something in your soul journey?  Let’s set up a Soul Coaching session!  During a session, I provide an intuitive reading, partner with you to map out a doable plan for progressing on your soul journey and provide you with personalized tools.

- CTA Certified Life Coach
This app is my favorite alternative to scrolling through social platforms. Carin has extensive experience as a yoga teacher, a teacher trainer and a soulful-living life coach. She has compiled over a decade's worth of studies to create the most perfect app for yoga, meditation and breathwork teachers. I find myself reading the daily cards for class planning, theming inspiration, and connecting to yoga philosophy. This kind of easy-access reference is incredibly helpful as a yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner. It is also nourishing to me personally, it's like having a highly trained teacher and life coach in my back pocket. I highly recommend this to all yogis and specifically to new yoga teachers starting their journey! Thank you, Carin!
Brittany Romano
Brittany Romano
Thrive Yoga Studios Founder & Owner

App Content

With the YoGo Teacher’s app, you’ll receive information daily in the form of “cards.” There are multiple types of cards:

YoGo Teachers App

Yoga cards explore yogic philosophy, the root of our practice, nurturing your own practice and your teaching.

yoga teachers app

Body cards explore the anatomy and physical poses, with specific recommendations for how to use the information in your classes.

yogo teachers app

Learn how your brain and mind operate, using the information to enhance your practice and classes.


Soul cards explore our essential nature: our soulful self.  You’ll deepen your understanding of your soul and its place in the universe.

yogo teachers app

Teaching cards cover topics like general class how-tos, creating relationships, and more.

Path Card

It’s my heartfelt wish to share thoughts and practices with you that will keep you on your path and living your best life.


Asana and breath practices take you within and heal mind, soul, and body.  I’ll send you some recorded practices to use at home.

Meditation image

Meditation is key to progressing on your path.  Reconnecting with your core and your true Self.  Look for recorded meditations in your feed.


Some information is more easily digested via a voice podcast.  I’ll send you links to my 61 Point podcasts, and teacher-specific podcasts, to support you on your journey.

book recommendation

I devour books on topics related to yoga, meditation, intuition, spirituality, quantum physics & yoga.  I’ll send you my favs.


Sometimes a quote hits home, crystallizing a thought in exactly the right way.  I will send some of my favorites your way.

Mantra card image

I love singing mantras at the end of my studio classes.  Enjoy these short, mantra recordings at the end of a yoga practice or anytime you would like a musical prayer.

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