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Travel to the unchanging place within yourself, beyond all noise, beyond all doing.  Here you will learn the language of your heart and find what you need to thrive.

About the Yoga Nidra Club

Browse my library below of over 65 guided yoga nidra meditations and over 30 video-based asana practices.  Meditations can be searched by theme, intention, kids, style and more.

In addition to the traditional meditations, there are also walking meditations and Nighty-Nite meditations to help you fall asleep.  This is truly a transformative practice and all it takes is listening and letting go.

Listen for free and donate if you would like to support the growing library.  Recommended donation: $25. Enjoy!

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Your Guide

Hi, I am Carin, your sherpa/guide! I am certified in delivering Amrit (advanced), Satyananda Saraswati, and iRest yoga nidra meditations. The Yoga Nidra Club includes all styles, as well as yoga nidras that are a fusion of the two or more. I have over 300 hours in yoga nidra meditation training and have guided hundreds of meditations. You are in good hands.

Now that I have completed my iRest certification, I am offering private co-meditation dyads, either in-person or over the phone, in addition to traditional private yoga nidra. I love pairing reiki with either a personal yoga nidra or a co-meditation dyad.

Explore a Theme

Yoga Nidra Club theme pages enable you to fully explore a topic using meditations and asana practices. Each theme includes a theme exploration, suggested self-practices, multiple meditations, one or more asana practices, and an energetic tool.  Consider Starting with “Creating a Personal Practice.”  

If you prefer to simply find a meditation that suites your current needs and available timeslot, you can browse all meditations and asana practices via the list on the right (below on a mobile phone).  Enjoy!


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