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Why Coaching?

Coaching is mainly about helping people discover the gems of wisdom that already lie within them. So why is a coach necessary? If the answer is tucked away in our mind, like a book on that shelf that’s just a little out of reach, why can’t we find it?

One reason is that we have a lot going on in our brains. Daily to-do lists, emotions, hopes and fears, and our ongoing internal dialogue are all jockeying for our brainpower. There is so much activity that it is hard to slow things down and stay focused on exploring a challenge or opportunity. As your coach, I help you stay focused.

Another reason is that we tend to see things the way we have seen them in the past. Our brain loves patterns and looks for old patterns in new situations, hoping to reuse previous solutions. This makes it hard to craft something different and new. As your coach, I ask thought-provoking questions that allow you to question old beliefs and see new potentials.

Lastly, sometimes we are not even sure of the problem we want to solve. We might not consider the bigger picture and what will serve our highest good. As your coach, I partner with you to understand what you need to flourish in your life and pursue solutions that best support you.

So through deep listening, intuition, thought-provoking questions, and sometimes yogic practices, I help you become present, define your desired outcomes, and craft plans to get you there. And I support you all along the way, with supportive content via my YoGo Coaching App.

Sound interesting? Let’s do a free sample session and see if some private or group coaching might help you move from living to thriving, from reacting to creating.

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