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I am excited about our session together! To ensure the BEST experience, please review the information below and bring the signed disclaimer and client intake form with you (if you do not have a printer, I can print them for you). 

Contraindications & Clarifications: This type of energy healing is not well-suited for people with pacemakers, defibrillators, active cancer, pregnancy, or other life-threatening severe medical issues. Biofield Tuning should not be relied upon as health, medical, psychological, or professional advice of any kind. Biofield Tuning’s intended use is as a method for self-healing and wellness. Biofield Tuning practitioners are not diagnosing or treating medical or mental health ailments. This practice is generally a safe alternative or complementary health modality but is not regulated by the state of Colorado.

This subtle energy practice may help you release stress, gain clarity, and release old emotions and stale behavioral patterns. It may also help you discover and release the underlying energetic causes of chronic physical issues and thus can complement (but not replace) licensed medical care (see disclaimer document). Your experience will be uniquely yours—stay curious and open! Read testimonials on the biofield tuning page to see what others have experienced. 

Read the post-session care information below to understand possible post-session detox effects. Note that any detox is part of the energetic release process and that whatever is coming up is coming up to go. If it occurs, you should feel the benefits of the energy tuning post-detox.

I recommend bringing a water bottle with you, as hydration is essential for this form of energy work, both pre-and post-session. I will send home some lavender Epsom salts with you so that you can soak and hydrate that way as well. 

Lastly, the entrance to my studio is a custom ladder with wide steps, grips on each step, and a handrail. If you are concerned about navigating these steps, please get in touch with me before your session so we can discuss alternate locations. 

This doc outlines what Biofield Tuning is and is not. Please read, sign, and bring this form to your first session. 


This form provides me with key information about you so that I can provide the best session possible. Please read, sign, and bring this form to your first session. 

Client Intake Form

While most clients report post-session feelings of clarity, peace, and spaciousness, you may experience detox systems as your body releases what it no longer needs. Remember, whatever arises is coming up to go!

Post-Session Care

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