The YoGo Coaching App

Think of the YoGo App as a digital stream of encouragement from me to you, designed to help you live from your heart and stay on your true path.  You’ll receive fresh content every few days in the form of cards (see below).  You’ll also enjoy discounts on coaching: $85/hr private coaching and $40/session SoulCircle group coaching.

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My Next Steps

After our coaching sessions, I will send you the next steps you chose for yourself.  You can track progress directly on the app!

Encouragement Card

I will send you encouraging thoughts and ideas – just for you!  It’s important to know you are supported.

Path Card

It’s my heartfelt wish to share thoughts and practices with you that will keep you on your path and living your best life.


Asana and breath practices take you within and heal mind, soul, and body.  I’ll send you some recorded practices to use at home.

Meditation image

Meditation is key to progressing on your path.  Reconnecting with your core and your true Self.  Look for recorded meditations in your feed.


Some information is more easily digested via a voice podcast.  I’ll send you links to my 61 Point podcasts to support you on your journey.

book recommendation

I devour books on topics related to yoga, meditation, intuition, spirituality, quantum physics & coaching.  I’ll send you my favs.


Sometimes a quote hits home, crystallizing a thought in exactly the right way.  I will send some of my favorites your way.

Mantra card image

I love singing mantras at the end of my studio classes.  Enjoy these short, mantra recordings at the end of a yoga practice or anytime you would like a musical prayer.

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