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The Right Questions

When we are stuck, we typically focus on solutions. It seems rational, right? You have a problem, your need a way to solve it. But when we go straight into problem-solving mode, we often have invisible assumptions in our heads that are narrowing our options. With this method, it’s unlikely we will arrive at an out-of-the-box solution.

Instead, consider asking questions. Write down an exploratory list of questions, and even if some of them seem obvious, write them down anyway. Examples may include:

  • What attributes will my ideal solution include?
  • How will I know I am successful?
  • Is something standing in my way: attitude, commitment, or resources?
  • What is in my control?
  • What has to be in place, or true, for me to be successful?
  • Why is this important to me?

Once you have a small list, begin to answer them without bias. See if more questions or clarity arise.  

Also, consider that 90-95% of your brainpower is dedicated to subconscious processing. This means your mind and inner self can be working in the background during the day, and while you sleep, to provide you the intuitive aha moment you need. Plant your problem in the form of an intention and see what clarity arises. To turn your problem into an intention, state it as already resolved, in the present tense. For example:

  • “How do I increase my income?” -> “I have monetary abundance in my life.”
  • “How do I resolve my interpersonal conflict with Mary?” -> “Mary and I have a meaningful, balanced friendship.”
  • “What’s the next evolutionary change for my business?” -> “My business is innovative and thriving.”  

If it helps to have someone else listening, posing questions, and providing tools, consider a soul coaching session with me 🙂 yogoonthego.com

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