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The Most Important Conversations are via the Heart

The most important conversations we need to have with ourselves are often in a language we neither speak nor understand.  They’re not in the language of the head but the language of the heart.  And they don’t happen by trying harder, but by letting go.

This is why meditation is so powerful.  It enables us to quiet the mind and allow the wisdom of our deeper self, that ineffable, timeless part of ourselves that we can feel deep within, to process, integrate and heal all that happens in our life.  It’s similar to the process that happens when you sleep, where daily events can be digested and integrated, often allowing events and emotions to feel clearer the next day.

If it feels hard to buy into something that happens beyond your thinking mind, consider sound waves traveling through the air or atoms or the oxygen we breathe. Estimates are that we can “see” only 5% of what exists in the universe. We have only begun to understand the world around us, so it’s not surprising that we are only beginning to truly understand the world within us.

Start 2020 right — begin a meditation practice. Whether it’s once a week for 5 minutes or daily meditation, you’ll be amazed at the changes you’ll find in your life.  yogoonthego.com/yoga-nidra

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