The Meaning of Luck

In preparation for my weekend yoga classes, I tried to think of a theme that tied to Saint Patty’s day — no small feat.  I pondered the saying “the luck of the Irish,” and did have an aha moment that I thought was worth sharing and that relates to our theme of abundance.

When we think of luck, we think of something fortuitous happening to us, as defined by our brain.  Our brain, however, is like the proverbial toddler, narrowly focused on what it wants and what it does, and does not, like to do.  As a result, wonderful things can come into our life, things that the universe has carefully crafted just for us and for this exact moment in our lives, but we can’t see it, because our brain is focused on wanting that bright red fire engine or that brand new windup doll.

So maybe luck is when we are clear and present enough to truly see and appreciate something beautiful that has entered our life.   May the luck of the Irish be with YOU!

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