fall leaves

The Cycle of Fall

I came across a lovely quote in facebook this week, printed atop a picture of fall leaves: “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go.”  It reminds us that:

  • letting go is a natural cycle, one that allows us to turn inward and focus on our roots.  It allows us to find that balance between adventuring, growing and achieving and staying grounded, supported and safe.
  • we must let go of what we have already experienced so that we are ready to flourish when the next opportunities come our way.  Old, faded energy serves no purpose and only keeps us from sprouting new buds.
  • the things that we let go of are reabsorbed by the universe and serve to enrich both others and ourselves.  All experiences serve a purpose.
  • there is always another season ahead, full of promise, color and beauty.

Allow yourself to mirror nature and let the old fall away so that you can embrace the new!

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