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Carin’s retreat was magical and provided long-lasting effects on several levels. It was very apparent (and appreciated) how much time Carin spent planning the event, and she provided the perfect balance of group time and free time. Her gifts as a yogi, leader, intuitive and healer are legendary. True Nature is a splendid retreat location, offering delectable vegan food options plus beautiful grounds to wander in between sessions. If you are at all unsure about attending, take the leap and show up for yourself – you will be glad you did!

A Transformational and Grounding Experience

Carin opened my life to a part of me that I had never known existed. I attended my first retreat with her in 2021, and my second in September 2022. Each retreat was transformational in its own way. I arrived at each retreat going through a very challenging moment in my life, feeling lost, powerless, and full of very little hope. The introspective journey that Carin led me on during each retreat allowed me to access parts of myself, my soul, that reflected my inner truth. Carin taught me to make space for this inner truth, and doing so led my path forward. Each session during the retreat with Carin filled me with more power, more strength, and the ability to see things with clarity. Carin’s offerings are truly unique. She is a wise and diverse guru and has a unique ability to connect with the souls of each participant. I have promised myself that the one thing I will do for myself each year is travel from wherever I am to attend her retreats, they are truly transformational. Thank you, my dear Carin!


A Beautiful, Soul Expanding Experience!

My husband and I attended Carin’s Yoga Retreat in September 0f 2022 and we are so incredibly grateful we did! Prior to the retreat I have had the pleasure of working with Carin one-on-one for coaching which was a beautiful experience; the Yoga Retreat only expanded on that! We were nervous since we are not seasoned yogis (actually we were/are the epitome of “beginners”) but we quickly realized our level of experience did not matter one bit. Carin’s soulful and welcoming essence made us feel so comfortable and at ease. Carin held the space for each attendee to grow and truly get to know themselves and each other! The energy created by the group was heart-warming and left us with a residual sense of awe. This was so much more than just a Yoga Retreat – it was an experience that changed the way we look at life!

Adriana Grieco

Supportive Teacher & Coach

Carin is such a supportive teacher and coach. She is kind, genuine, and such a gentle space holder. She offers words that lead you to better explore your own inner truth. She has taught me the way that my own body speaks to me and how to better understand and connect with my intuition. I have been lucky enough to be a student of hers in yoga classes. She allows you to access so much deep relaxation and healing. I have also been an attendee of her retreats. She facilitates great connection between other attendees in beautiful spaces with fantastic amenities. I strongly recommend choosing to experience restoration through the products and services Carin offers!



I just want to say that Carin’s yoga retreat at True Nature Healing retreat was life-changing.  It’s exactly what I needed to emerge from the last 18 months of quarantine and isolation from people and yoga.  Carin has an amazing way of teaching that allows one to “drop-in” very quickly.  Her yin yoga style is exactly what is essential in the crazy world of hectic constant movement.  I especially loved the intimate aspect of the retreat.  Having only 9 people in the magical kiva makes you feel so much more comfortable revealing inner aspects of yourself.  The food was exceptional and the setting with the gardens and labyrinth is also so relaxing and inspiring.  I feel renewed and healed!


Space & Being

During my last retreat with Carin at True Nature Healing Arts, I settled out of my daily activities of doing, into a time and space of being.   Carin collaborated her skillful and generous teachings with the kiva’s powerful energy to guide us through practices to quiet, heal and grow.  My brain slowed.  My body rested.  My inner light brightened.  This is a must-attend for me as I integrate the changes in the world and the conscious awakening of my spirit.


Grounding & Thoughtful

My first experience with Carin was during a yoga retreat that she organized in Carbondale, CO. During the retreat, I experienced a variety of yoga classes with her. Carin’s classes were grounding, inspiring, and transformative. She has a unique gift of guiding you to connect with your body and mind in a way that helps you access deep thoughts and emotions. I left the retreat feeling I had more access to the core me, feeling grounded and centered. Carin’s thoughtfulness was felt in every detail of the retreat, from the purposeful yoga classes and conversations to the hand-made eye pillows, to the nourishing food and culmination of retreat attendees. I continue to practice with Carin at Thrive Yoga, and often access her pre-recorded yoga classes through her website. I feel grateful that I have her guidance in my yoga journey. She is an inspirational human being and radiates warmth and kindness.

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