A Transformational and Grounding Experience

Carin opened my life to a part of me that I had never known existed. I attended my first retreat with her in 2021, and my second in September 2022. Each retreat was transformational in its own way. I arrived at each retreat going through a very challenging moment in my life, feeling lost, powerless, and full of very little hope. The introspective journey that Carin led me on during each retreat allowed me to access parts of myself, my soul, that reflected my inner truth. Carin taught me to make space for this inner truth, and doing so led my path forward. Each session during the retreat with Carin filled me with more power, more strength, and the ability to see things with clarity. Carin’s offerings are truly unique. She is a wise and diverse guru and has a unique ability to connect with the souls of each participant. I have promised myself that the one thing I will do for myself each year is travel from wherever I am to attend her retreats, they are truly transformational. Thank you, my dear Carin!

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