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Stay Centered During the Holidays

Its so easy during the holidays to let our lives be run my to do lists and our social calendar.  Remember to enjoy it by staying grounded and using your yoga nidra practice to help you stay connecting to your Self.

Here’s my Mindful Holiday checklist:

  1. DO YOUR YOGA NIDRA PRACTICE!  Its like wiping off the lens of your glasses – you will see and feel much more clearly!  You will be grounded and calm, despite whatever opportunities arise!
  2.  Be Present.  Don’t let any activity be a means to an end.  Be present and enjoy errand drive times, wrapping presents, cooking meals and doing chores.  There is a deep joy when you stop seeing some activities as things you simply have to get through to enjoy future rewards.  Each moment is precious.
  3. Integrate.  Think of your brain like the attic space in your house.  Use a good nights sleep and your yoga nidra practice to enable you to clean emotions/thoughts up, put them away and refresh your outlook before moving forward.  Make room for new experiences!
  4. Enjoy the ‘second half of the pose’.  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Don’t move so fast that you can’t relax and unwind between activities.
  5. Get the lead out!  Move!  Ensure you make time to get some exercise and allow the body to stretch, the heart to pump and the lungs to work.   Enjoy the fresh mountain air!
  6. Experience & share the magic.  The holiday season brings out the best of the universe’s core element: Love.  Immerse yourself in it!  Remember: You are the emissary of light and love.  Carry it with you wherever you go and to everyone you meet.
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