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2023 Spring Retreat

Nourishing Your Unique YOU

April 21 - 24

3:00pm Friday afternoon - 1:00pm Monday

Would you like to embody joy and live passionately? The key is tapping into and cultivating your unique personality, body, and soul. This multi-faceted retreat will enable you to do just that, emerging recharged, and transformed. The feedback typically said about the experience is that it is ‘life-changing.’

“Nourishing Your Unique You” is much more than a “yoga retreat” where you go to a beautiful place to unwind and do a couple of yoga practices each day. Yes, we will do those things, but we will go much deeper on a journey of inner discovery, where new experiences and insights will transform your soul journey. Through spiritual exploration, Ayurvedic cuisine, community, rituals, yoga, sound, meditation, soul work, and more, we will learn how to become better caretakers for our bodies, become more fluent in the language of our intuition, and transform our lives through ceremonies and intentions. You’ll also have a soul coaching session pre and post-retreat to customize your journey further.

We’ll start with an incredible space: True Nature Healing Arts in Carbondale, Colorado. This one-of-a-kind yoga center offers a truly healing, sacred space to practice. An underground kiva with crystals built into its walls; gardens including walking mazes, statuary, and prayer flags; a beautiful boutique, coffee shop, and eating area: this beautiful center has sacred attention built into every detail.

To continue your journey within, we’ll integrate multiple yogic practices: movement (including VinYin, Slow Flow, Qigong, and Restorative); breath/pranayama; meditation (including Amrit and iRest Yoga Nidra); sound (steel drum and Native American flute); Ayurvedic cuisine; intuition, spiritual, and scientific teachings; and rituals.

These powerful practices will help you speak the language of your soul, travel deeper within, and find the deep peace and wisdom that reside there. You’ll explore your makeup and create a one-of-a-kind plan for nurturing your unique physical body and soul.   You’ll uncover insights that will help you along your life’s journey, whatever you are currently facing. This experience is suitable whether you are a seasoned yogi or have never done yoga.

The retreat includes:

  • A 30-min private Soul Coaching session before the retreat, in person or virtually. This unique coaching method will help you set your course. Learn more HERE.
  • A 30-min private Soul Coaching session post-retreat, in-person, or virtually. This session will help you assimilate and integrate what has arisen.
  • Pre-Retreat Content, like practices and meditations, to get you in the flow and prepped for the journey ahead.
  • Morning yoga, morning soul journey session, afternoon yoga + soul journey session, evening yoga nidra, all breakfasts, lunches, and one dinner. This experience is so much more than your typical ‘yoga retreat!’
retreat itinerary

The retreats for 2023 are starting to fill up, so reserve your spot(s) now. 

Total Investment:

Retreat: $885
Local Dinners (2): $100 (estimated)
Room (shared VRBO): $250 – $700 (it depends on how many people are in your VRBO)

The retreat portion includes a pre-retreat and post-retreat private soul-coaching session, all retreat yoga and soul journey activities, breakfasts, lunches, and one family-style dinner. We’ll be eating out as a group at local restaurants for the other two dinners, and the estimate is listed above. The retreat portion ($885) is split into two payments – $400 (non-refundable) due at signup and the remainder due on March 15th, 2023 (You can reserve a spot via the button above, and I will invoice you for the deposit separately). Deposits/payments are non-refundable, though you can purchase separate private travel insurance if desired. The retreat will be capped at 12 yogis.

Lodging: There are several VRBOs in Carbondale, nearby Basalt, and hotels. I will coordinate retreat lodging, connecting you with other yogis if desired.

Spa Treatments:
True Nature Healing Arts has lovely spa offerings. You can book them ahead of time or while we are there. Any spa treatments are booked directly through True Nature’s Spa Page. As a retreat participant, you receive a 10% discount.

What to Pack:
Bring comfortable clothes for yoga, walking/hiking, and chilly evenings. You can bring your yoga mat or use the mats and props provided (I suggest using their mats). A water bottle is handy! There are nearby hot springs, so bring a bathing suit if that interests you.  

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