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Imagine being uplifted daily with mindful content curated for human soul-seekers exactly like you. Content that pulls you out of your hectic schedule, monkey mind, and painful emotions to reconnect you to your soulful self. The 6-week YoGo Soul Journey program is designed for YOU.

Delivered to your phone by a clean, sophisticated app, you will receive new content daily in the form of cards. These cards include topic explorations, podcasts, recorded meditations and asana practices, quotes, mindfulness challenges, and more. Designed to flow as a unified suite of content, these cards will help you deepen your relationship with your soulful self, finding a new level of peace and balance, regardless of where you are on your journey. Join me!

Soul Journey

Holistic Learning with Multi-Dimensional Cards

Mind Card

Our mind is the CPU of our physical self.  Mind cards explore our brain, how it works and how to reprogram it to enable us to live our best lives.


Soul cards explore the many facets of our soulful self.  They explore the divine, eternal beings that we are, helping us remember our magnificence.

Path Card

Path cards educate and enlighten, bringing the content topic to life.  They contain insights from my journey and allow you to apply them to your path.


Asana and breath practices take you within and heal your mind, soul, and body.  I’ll include recorded practices that help you integrate the teachings within all levels of your being.

Meditation image

Meditation is key to progressing on your path, helping you to reconnect with your soulful self.  I’ll provide you with recorded meditations that help you embody what you are learning.

Mindfulnes Challenge

Mindfulness Challenge cards take core concepts and ask you to integrate them into your daily routine.  Creating a daily practice will keep you moving forward.

book recommendation

I devour books on yoga, meditation, intuition, spirituality, quantum physics & coaching.  I’ll include some great reads relevant to your content topic.


Sometimes a quote hits home, crystallizing a thought in precisely the right way.  I will send some of my favorites your way.


Some information is more easily digested through listening.  I’ll send you links to audio recordings and podations (recordings that are somewhere between a podcast and a meditation) to share key information.

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