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Shaking it Off

A topic that resonates with me lately is how to shake off emotions and thoughts that don’t serve me. I have had a couple of human interactions within the last week that have left a lingering veil of YUCK. I’ve been spinning with mental analysis, self-judgment, blame-placing, etc. Plus I feel like there is a murky cloud of funk around me – you know, those days where you want to wear a t-shirt that says “BAD DAY – You don’t want to talk to me, trust me.”

Sure, my higher self knows constructive ways to deal with it and can see it for the temporary experience that it is. But as someone recently noted on Facebook, self-realization doesn’t mean your life is now rosy, it means you are better able to see things as they really are. It can mean that you now see the difference between the event that occurred and all the color and nuance you are adding to it to make it a full-blown drama.

When this happens, I love using a fill-in-the-blank intention Yoga Nidra. My favorite is “I release my mental perceptions about _____ that is causing me stress, worry, and fear. I rest in calm awareness.” This meditation helps me shake it off and integrate it. Sometimes it takes a few days of this meditation to get there, but it generally does the trick. Plus, Yoga Nidra increases serotonin and dopamine levels, two feel-good substances that help you get back to your best self.


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