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Seeing Our Reflection in a Mirror

I love Louise Hay’s “Power Thought Cards”. I use them in my retreat gift bags and sometimes randomly leave them in varying places around the Gunnison valley for people to find, trusting the right card will go to the right person. There is one, however, that I saved, because it spoke very loudly to me. “My life is a mirror: The people in my life are mirrors of me. This allows me to grow and change.”
Consider the main humans in your life – especially your spouse. Do they have behaviors, quirks, and traits you find challenging? What does it look like if you take some of them and look within yourself to see if perhaps they are a reflection of YOUR behaviors, quirks, fears, or traits? Hmm.
If you look at the psychological concept of projecting, it’s assigning the feelings, traits, and impulses you cannot accept within yourself onto someone else. So how do you change the person in your life? Change yourself!
– Recognize which behaviors or feelings are mirroring something from within you.
– Allow yourself to embrace them within yourself without judgment. You are human and it’s okay!
– Turn something negative into something positive by creating an intention. Your intention should be how you want to feel or behave, stated as if it is already true. For example, the behavior you uncover might be “Once I get an idea in my head, I get defensive when it is challenged.” An intention for this might be “I am unattached to my ideas and welcome new insights.”
– Plant your intention in your mind before bed, upon waking, and during meditation. You can also do routine things with your non-dominant hand while you say your intention to yourself.
– Watch with amazement how that person in your life magically changes! Accept your growth with gratitude.
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