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Refining Your Intention

So by now you have the start of an intention.  You may not be sure if it is quite right.   Try this things over the next week:

  1. When job or personal decisions come up, pause and state your intention to yourself.  Does it reflect the guiding principle you need to assist you in responding to the situation in a way that aligns with your higher Self?
  2. State the intention to yourself and see how each word resonates inside you.  Are there any words that need a little tweaking to be exactly right?
  3. Feel the intention when you state it to yourself during yoga nidra meditation.  Does it strike a cord in your deepest self?
  4. Ensure you are not so specific in your intention that you have embedded achievements or solutions for your intention.  Let the intention be broad so that the universe can offer you infinite possibilities for living it.
  5. State your intention to another yogi (you can call me if you like).  Stating it out load gives it power.  While thoughts are energy, voiced words carry even more energy.  Let the yogi listening to your intention respond with ” and it is so.”
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