Via a co-creative coaching environment, we will work together to help you let go of old mental patterns and emotions, enabling you to live from your heart.  You’ll cultivate a deep relationship with yourself, transform your relationships, and bring your passions into the world. You’ll be living a vibrant, deeply fulfilling life, aligning yourself from the inside out.

With the 6-month packages, you’ll also have a YoGo app membership.  Via the app, you will receive a host of content to help you on your journey: encouraging notes from me, tracking tools, posts on helpful topics, and inspirational quotes. I will also provide yogic and meditation practices to help you truly transform.

Pick the offering that is right for you:

  • A 6-month package to really dive deep and enjoy per-session savings,
  • An ala-carte offering to pay as you go, and/or
  • The YoGo app, to stay tuned in, receive ongoing content, and receive coaching discounts.
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