Throughout the universe, there are patterns. Blueprints of similarity that unexplainably find their way into objects bearing no apparent similarity, from the microscopic to the macroscopic. Physics, art, biology – all types of disciplines expose these universal blueprints.

So how does this relate to yoga? Well, when we study the science of yoga, we take well-honed paths to help us find our truest selves. Whether you call it your soul, spirit, presence, atman, or something else doesn’t matter. What does, is understanding that you are so much more than your physical body, which includes your mind. You are energetic perfection, timeless, unchanging, and integrally related to everything around you. You, too, reflect universal patterns, as do the situations that arise in all aspects of your life.

Our exploration of these patterns could focus on our physical form, but let’s take a different route. When we start our practice of yoga, that deep feeling of connection with our Self is strongest on the mat. Our practice of yoga is somewhat distinct from our practice of life. But as our practice evolves, we begin to see that all of life is an expression of the truths we find on the mat.  That ability to be present for whatever comes in each moment serves us in solving that nasty problem at work, allowing us to set an intention and see what alternatives arise. The knowledge that we are not the thoughts of our mind enables us to soften self-judgment, respond instead of reacting, and hones our social intelligence. Our ability to ground in unchanging peace enables us to keep perspective when drama or crisis arrives. Pretty soon, we see our yogic practice as a fabric that underlies everything in our personal, social, and work lives.  We see that it teaches us how to integrate with the universe’s patterns, how we ARE those patterns.

Don’t get me wrong – once yoga has fully blossomed within you, you will not suddenly become Mother Teresa or Buddha. You will become something even BETTER – YOU! You, complete with your unique personality, skills, and talents. You can interweave your yogic practices into every part of your life, enabling your sphere of influence to widen as you touch others’ lives, and they, too, experience the power of yoga, whether it’s in a studio on a sticky mat or in the cubicle next to you.

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