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Mindfulness on Busy Days

So many people have noted lately that they are not listening to their meditations.  The desire is there, but life seems too busy right now.  I totally get it.  The trails are definitely calling to me, along with fun yoga workshops, new projects, out-of-town guests…the list goes on.  If you can’t fit your meditation in, at least introduce a mindful aspect to parts of your day.

Take a few minutes when you start the day to simply touch into your breath.  Enjoy and savor events of your day, transforming the doing of each one into a meditation in and of itself.  When you type at your computer, feel the bounce of the keys beneath your fingertips.  When you fold clothes, take your time, noticing the feel of the fabric and creating crisp, neat lines.  When you cook, enjoy the smell and feel of vegetables as they are readied for a salad.  When you eat, sit down and let the tastes unfold in your mouth, unaccompanied by phone surfing or television viewing.   Remember that non-doing is JUST as important as doing, and staying present in whatever you are doing creates its own form of meditation.

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