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Mindfulness Hits the Mainstream

If you are an enthusiast of the latest leadership practices, you have likely noticed that mindful leadership is the topic of multiple books and is a concept being explored in more forward-thinking businesses.  But what does it mean?  It generally means using meditation practices to enable people to become more grounded, able to separate from thoughts and emotions, better equipped to work with others and engage in their work.  It gives that mental reboot we often need to see things from a different perspective and return to a calm, peaceful state.

What does this mean for you?  Use your yoga nidra meditations during your work day to reset.  If you work at home, create a meditation space where you can have your mat and props ready to go.  If you work outside your home, see if your company has a meditation room or mothers room you can use.  You can also engage in a walking meditation, simply walking, without a goal, and letting yourself stay connected to the present moment and the sensations/emotions/thoughts present in each moment.

Consider sharing your yoga nidra passion with co-workers.  You might be surprised how well the idea is received.  You can also assist stressed coworkers (or yourself) with this simple practice: grounded walking.  If you need some grounding but can’t stop and meditate, simple slow your breath and walk letting your feet become as heavy as possible.  Let your center of gravity sink to your feet.  Maybe you only have time to practice it to and from the bathroom or walking to a conference room, but give it a try!  Its my go to on a hectic day.

Also – remember that the times when you think you are much too busy to stop for twenty minutes and have too much to do are the EXACT times when you should meditate!  I started my career as a software developer and then, as I moved through my career, managed teams of software and hardware developers.  I found for myself and my teams that whenever we were trying to solve a hard problem or fix a nasty bug, that we were the most effective if forced ourselves to WALK AWAY and do something completely different for awhile.  And we usually solved the problem FASTER in the long run.  You have time!  Walk away, meditate, and come back to your challenge with a clear and restored Self and see the answers you need will appear.

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