Up until recently, I thought manifesting was sending out energy into the world to request what I wanted.  I would set an intention and, without much faith in any results, sporadically send my desires out into the world.  It always seemed self-serving and greedy, very me-oriented.  I had the feeling if I received something, someone else would not.  Recently, my interpretation of manifesting changed.

I now understand that there are a couple of key concepts when it comes to manifesting:

  1. We are not meant to manifest just any old thing.  We are meant to manifest what we truly need to move us along our life path.  This is akin to the vision board concept in Kim Chestney’s book, Radical Intuition.  She describes a vision board is something that reflects what you need to move you toward your Soul’s purpose in this life.  It’s not about what you want, or what your mind says you need, it’s about listening to your intuition, to what your Soul desires to keep you moving forward on your true path.  You can only manifest what is meant for you and serves your highest good.  And if it serves your highest good, it will naturally serve the world’s collective highest good.
  2. The law of attraction –  There are many views and elements to this law, but the main takeaway for me is that manifesting is not about sending energy outward to effect change, it’s about deeply aligning with the Soul to draw in what we need to nurture us and move us along our path.  Many times this is as simple – or not as simple – as really listening to your inner voice and being present, open to what comes your way.  They say that synchronicity is when you are truly on your path and that which is meant for you is easily provided, recognized, and accepted.

If you are on the journey to understand your true nature and align yourself with your Soul’s path, your inner voice will help you navigate and provide what you need.  And if it inspires you to take a leap of faith, it will provide what is required.  Let go of the barriers and fears created in your mind and have faith, truly allowing the universe to provide.  This leap of faith, this letting go and being open to what the universe provides, is the ultimate form of manifesting.

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