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Making Decisions

We make decisions and choices every day, some of them small and some of them life-altering.  It would be nice to have a crystal ball, to see how each choice will turn out, but unfortunately, that is not available…or is it?

Our thinking mind is usually in a quagmire of fear and doubt that makes it almost impossible to see clearly.  But our inner self knows which path aligns with our life purpose and that best supports us.  The challenge is to hear this quiet, sage-like guidance.  Below are some ways to hear your inner voice.

  1. Use meditation or quiet time to be present, allowing intuition to guide you.  Be available for ideas, images, and words that seem to come from nowhere.  Journal what arises.  Give yourself time to see how this guidance may resonant, as often it may not make sense right away.
  2. Think about each option and see which feels denser, or constrictive, and which feels more spacious and light.  Know that light doesn’t mean easy, it means that option will be more fulfilling and allow you to expand and grow.  It will make you more of who you were meant to be.  Decisions made out of fear, or based on our personal baggage, usually lead to constrictive choices that reinforce old habits and keep us from living our best lives.
  3. Reflect your options to a friend or coach.  Hearing yourself talk about your options often provides needed clarity.  You already know the answer, but sometimes others can assist you in finding it.  There is a beautiful synergy when two souls collaborate.
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