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Live Soulfully – Silence Your Inner Playwright

We are all master storytellers. Our minds busily create stories about every experience and interaction we encounter. They place us as the main character, creating assumptions about other actors’ motives and inserting our emotions for added drama. Our actions in the world reflect the information in this library of tales. But what if these tales do not reflect reality?

In this workshop, we will marry Western neuroscience and yogic teachings to learn how to circumvent the story writing of the brain. Instead, we will learn to be present and experience life soulfully as well as intellectually. In doing so, our world will become more peaceful and expansive. Our relationships will flourish. We will no longer perpetuate old, stale emotions and beliefs.

We will

  • Look at how the brain creates stories and why
  • Learn and practice techniques to remove perception, assumptions, and internal beliefs from clouding our interactions
  • Participate in a yoga nidra meditation to bring it all together

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