I work with awakened souls who want to grow spiritually and live soul-filled lives

So you feel like your soul has been cracked open, light and love illuminating your being. You’ve experienced the vastness of what lies beyond this world and can’t wait to explore it further. You want your soulful self to expand and inform everything you do, consistently living from your soul and finding soul-mind balance.

We will work together to understand and work through challenges impeding your soul growth, like stuck emotions and beliefs, relationship difficulties, and challenging circumstances. I will equip you with tailored soul practices to help you heal and grow. Your soul and intuition will inform your everyday life, you’ll feel old emotions and patterns fall away, and you’ll live joyfully and authentically. You’ll cultivate a deep relationship with yourself, transform your relationships with others, and live a vibrant, deeply fulfilling life, aligning yourself from the inside out.

You’ll also have a YoGo app membership. Via the app, you will receive a host of content to help you on your journey: encouraging notes from me, soul tools, posts on soulful topics, and inspirational quotes. You’ll also have access to custom-created yoga and meditation practices that fit into your schedule and help you truly transform.
CTA Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master
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certified intuition practioner
I can't say enough about Carin's Soul Coaching process in which she combines her highly tuned intuitive ability with her extensive training in yoga, meditation, coaching and other modalities. She totally tuned into my relevant concerns and issues, listening to me and then constructing some practical advice and ideas for me which really made me feel like it is possible to achieve what I want in life. I felt uplifted and excited when we were done and am ready to take my next steps with so much more confidence and a lighter heart. I highly recommend her services and encourage anyone who is truly searching for more clarity into their soul's path to arrange a session or series of sessions with her.
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A Soul Coaching Session with Carin almost immediately took me from a place of stagnation, confusion, boredom and lack of inspiration, to one of lightness and clarity. As Carin shared with me what she gleaned from the intuitive reading that she did prior to our session, I had several insights that revealed so much about where I was stuck. I felt like a light was shined on the dark places and something cracked open as I was finally able to gain a new perspective. I found this to be the most effective way to break free from my own critical or negative thinking and move towards a place of feeling creative and alive.
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This wise, kind and welcoming woman will support you like you never knew before. Carin Lockhart has deep insight and shares a space that is safe, comfortable and filled with discovery. Her mix of patience and spunk can get ideas flowing and lend perspective to your life ! I appreciate this resource. I am a long time fan and member of yogo because I love Carin’s nidra and now expanding into the “nudge” app she has fabricated, well I have a lot of resources to lean on. I am grateful. So cool!
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My soul coaching experience with Carin was really eye opening. I had been hearing a message similar to the one Carin provided for a while but realized I had been ignoring it. Carin reiterated this message to me in a way that I really heard this time. Her deep connection with intuition allows for such meaningful and moving insights. She has a talent for pulling out the important parts of our discussion and turning them into something attainable. Instead of feeling like I was adding to a to-do list, I feel like her suggestions will help me ease into my day and maintain a calm and meaningful focus. Thank you Carin for sharing your beautiful gift!
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What Does Soul Coaching Entail?

We’ll meet as needed or via a set schedule once or twice a month and explore the topic of your choice. I will support you in your soul and life exploration by integrating coaching, meditation, energy, reiki, and intuition techniques (each session includes an intuitive reading that I do before our meeting). I will walk alongside you to provide encouragement, inspiration, insights, and tools.

Private Soul Coaching

We’ll meet once or twice a month and explore the topic of your choice. Integrating coaching, meditation, energy, and intuition techniques, I will support you in your soul and life exploration.  I will walk alongside you to provide encouragement, inspiration, insights, and tools.


Group Soul Coaching: SoulCircles

You can also participate in group sessions, benefiting from a community of yogis like yourself. The theme will be published beforehand, so you can pick a session that matches your needs. Learning from others is a great way to make progress on your path, as you learn from their successes, lessons learned, and questions.

SoulCirlces (Group Coaching Sessions)

My Perfect Me-Plan Sunday, April 24th 2-4 PM via Zoom, $35

The YoGo App

Via your personal YoGo app, you will receive encouragement and helpful information for progressing on your path. You’ll have yoga practices and guided meditations to help you connect deeply within and stay balanced.  Think of me as your soul sherpa, blazing a trail and sharing the very best nuggets of wisdom with you.  We can also message each other whenever you have a question or need. The YoGo app will be our go-to place for communication.

My Next Steps

After our coaching sessions, I will send you tools and any action items you chose for yourself.  You can track progress directly on the app!

Encouragement Card

I will send you encouraging thoughts and ideas – just for you!  It’s important to know you are supported.

Path Card

It’s my heartfelt wish to share thoughts and practices with you that will help you on your soul journey and in living your best life.


Asana and breath practices take you within and heal mind, soul, and body.  I’ll send you some recorded practices to use at home.

Meditation image

Meditation is key to progressing on your path.  Reconnecting with your core and your true Self.  Look for recorded meditations in your feed.


Some information is more easily digested via a voice podcast.  I’ll send you links to podcasts to support you on your journey.

book recommendation

I devour books on topics related to yoga, meditation, intuition, spirituality, quantum physics, intuition & coaching.  I’ll send you my favs.


Sometimes a quote hits home, crystallizing a thought in exactly the right way.  I will send some of my favorites your way.

Mantra card image

I love singing mantras at the end of my studio classes.  Enjoy these short, mantra recordings at the end of a yoga practice or anytime you would like a musical prayer.

Soul Coaching Prices: 3 & 6-Month Packages, + Ala Carte

There are multiple coaching options – see what is right for you. Multi-month plans are designed to help you maintain a consistent pace towards progressing on your soul journey and in your authentic life. They provide the best pricing (3-month plans receive a 10% discount and 6-month plans receive a 15% discount). Ala Carte offerings are great for those who want just-in-time coaching. The included YoGo app subscription is a great way to get ongoing encouragement and reduced pricing on private or group sessions.

3 & 6 Month Plans

Monthly - One Private

$ 81
a Month
  • 1 Private Soul Coaching Session
  • YoGo App Content
  • Discounted Additional Sessions ($81)
  • Duration: 3 months, $243

This plan includes one hour of soul coaching each month: a single 60-minute session or two 30-minute sessions. You will receive one intuitive reading per month.

Duration: 3 or 6 months,  $243/$459 payment.

Monthly - Two Privates

$ 178
a Month
  • 2 Private Soul Coaching Sessions
  • YoGo App Content
  • Discounted additional sessions ($81)
  • Duration: 3 months, $486

This plan includes two hours of soul coaching a month, either as two 60-minute sessions or four 30-minute sessions.  You will receive two intuitive readings per month.

Duration: 3 or 6 months, $486/$918

With the multi-month plans above, you receive a reduced rate on additional private sessions ($81 for 60-minutes, $41 for 30-minute).  Private sessions include an intuitive reading. Invest in a 6-month plan and save 15%.

Ala Carte

Single Soul Coaching Session

$ 90
  • 60-minute session or two 30-minute sessions + one intuitive reading

Purchase each session when the timing is right for you.

5-Session Punch Card

$ 400
  • Five 60-minute sessions or 10 30-minute sessions + five intuitive readings

Focus on some key areas and make significant progress. The punch card is good for one year and breaks down to $40 30-minute sessions, or $80 60-minute sessions.

YoGo App + Discounts

$ 25 base
  • Purchase any YoGo App & receive discounted soul coaching.

Enjoy one of the YoGo app programs and pay only $85 for 60-minute sessions and $43 for 30-minute sessions.

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Let's Start!

Let’s do a discovery session and dive into the topic of your choosing.  We’ll see if soul coaching is right for you.

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