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Let Go

Many times when we are unable to stop managing and controlling things, its due to fear.  Fear of not having enough money, fear of losing the love or affection of a partner, fear of not aligning with our own ego’s expectations, or even just the fear of not being in control.  Fear is an extremely limiting emotion, but we all know its not easy to let go of our fears.  So what can we do?

Its amazing how much power we hold within us, but are unable to utilize.  This is the power of our true Self, beyond body and mind.  We can tap into the power of our Self by planting intentions.  Select one of your fears, like perhaps not having enough money.  Then craft a positive intention stated in the present tense, like “I have abundance in my life.  The universe provides what I need.”  Use one of the January intention-setting yoga nidras and insert your intention when prompted.  You can also state your intention to yourself 3 times before going to bed each night, when the brain is relaxed and receptive.

Ceremonies are also incredibly effective in helping you make changes in your life.  You can write your intention down on beautiful paper and place it where you will see it each day, and/or carry it with you.  You can write you fear down on a peice of paper and burn it as you let it go.  You can release your fear to the earth via sitting in the woods and placing your hands on the ground.  You can create a prayer flag and, as the wind takes the flag thread-by-thread, watch your fear being released into the universe.  Whatever works for YOU is perfect!  Just let it go!

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