Kids yoga Nidra

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Kids’ Yoga Nidra

Our children are growing up in a very fast-paced, information-filled world.  When you think of it in terms of yin versus yang, they get a whole lot of yang: thinking, doing and achieving.  They don’t have nearly as much yin in their life: meditative, non-doing quiet and simply learning how to be.  This is a critical trait to cultivate as it is really the only way to survive in such a busy world – to find that oasis of peace that exists within.  This allows them to always have a quiet refuge no matter what comes their way.  It also enables them to respond to situations from a more well-grounded place of strength instead of reacting rashly.  Studies show we do better in sports and in academic tests when we have cultivated the practice of meditation.

Starting yoga nidra at an early age also helps kids understand their importance and know they are loved.  It teaches them that they are perfect just as they are, part of a loving cosmos.  This helps them grow with a strong sense of self, less swayed by peers and other pressures that may try to plant seeds of doubts.

While this month’s yoga nidra meditations are for kids from 4 – 8, you might be surprised to find they are still effective for big people too!  Try meditating alongside your child, seeing if they want to share their experience with you when the meditation is complete.  It’s great for kids to see that this is a valued practice for everyone, something that is a normal part of your routine.

Daily Mindfulness for Kids

Take 3-5 minutes each morning to sit with your child, doing a mindfulness exercise before the start of the day.  

  • Sit on the floor or your mat with your eyes closed
  • Challenge yourselves to be as still as you can – like stones
  • Ask your child to notice his/her body and see what they feel
  • Ask your child to notice their breath moving in and out
  • Ask your child to see what thoughts are going through their mind
  • See if they can find the really quiet place deep inside of them

Each day, see if they can find the quiet space more quickly.  Maybe even make a game of it – at random times during the day, see if they can slow their breathing and/or quickly find their quiet space.

This is your daily kids’ yoga nidra meditation.  Help your child find a peaceful, quiet place to lie down and listen to the meditation.  You can join them and listen as well!

Start Meditation

This weekly kids’ meditation is for when you have a little more time.  The main theme is to help your child feel deeply loved.

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Use this bedtime yoga nidra to help your child gently fall asleep.

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Reminder: Any poses or breath techniques we cue in an asana practice are merely suggestions.  You know your child better than we do, so only do what makes sense and is recommended for your child.

The kids’ movement practice is 15 minutes long and is intended to prepare your child for their yoga nidra meditation, or to be used by itself to practice mindful movement.  It’s led my my good friend and fellow yoga teacher Amelia – you are going to love it!

Props:  a mat.   Have other props ready if you will be meditating after the practice.

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Clear quartz is a powerful crystal, clarifying heart and mind, eliminating bad energy, stimulating the chakras, helping you view things more clearly and more.  It can even help you manifest intentions.  Consider introducing your child to the vibrational, healing energy of crystals by getting them a beautiful clear quartz and letting it be their magic wand.  Whenever they feel bad or sad or hurt, they can hold this magic wand next to their heart, reminding them to go to their special place inside.  Looking through the crystal can remind them to see things clearly, not through their emotions.  How wonderful that this magic wand actually HAS healing properties!

Energy tool crystal wands

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