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Awakening Intuition

My mother passed away in early 2019. Since her passing, she has started connecting with me, my existing intuitive abilities taking a giant leap forward. Most often, I feel her through sensations of tingling or touch on the crown of my head. White and black feathers appear in unlikely places. Images during meditation are more frequent, one of which led me to her old letters and a long-lost, beloved keepsake buried in the bottom of a storage bin.

These events have heightened my curiosity about intuition and our ability to tap into the world beyond our brain. I have always cued my yoga students to settle into the pauses between thoughts as a way of finding silence, stillness, and peace. But now I understand that is the very place our intuition lives. As more images, words, and other information has started coming to me through my intuition – or the ‘backside of the brain, as I call it, I have started researching the topic. One of the first books I felt drawn to was Radical Intuition, by Kim Chestney. I couldn’t soak it in fast enough! The concepts, and even the choice of words she used, precisely aligned with my own experiences. I started doing the exercises outlined in the book and ordered more books on the topic.

As I continue to cultivate my ability to hear and process information shared with me via my inner senses, I am finding a beautiful wholeness in my life. My spiritual and intellectual worlds have come closer together, and I am becoming more patient, compassionate, and loving. My dharma has evolved, and I better understand my path and what I can offer in the world. I receive inner guidance that allows me to see the broader picture; make better choices; respond instead of reacting.

Cultivating Intuition

If you are interested in being more in touch with your intuition, I recommend starting by procuring a journal. As you meditate, or right after Yoga Nidra meditation, allow yourself to find the spaces between thoughts. Be present. See if anything seems to jump out – a word, image, number, idea – and if it does, write it down in your journal. If something is in your mind when you wake up (not something you are thinking about or something coming from your thinking mind), write it down. When you start hearing or seeing a word, song or number frequently, write it down. If there are repeated patterns or situations in your life, write them down. Hone your ability to hear your inner voice, the impressions coming from the backside of the brain, impressions that seem to slide in from nowhere.

Over time, you may begin to see patterns and guidance from the impressions written in your journal.  As you read through your notes, you may discover images that foretell future events. You may gain clarity about your heartfelt wish or dharma. No matter what, you will feel more connected to your Self/soul/presence as you learn its language. Listening and hearing is the first step, and understanding is the second step.  We all can speak the language of our soul – we just need to cultivate it.  Take your time, as it’s a beautiful journey unique to you and your soul alone.

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