Living Soulfully

I Want my Dharma Now!

Once we start down the path of living our dharma (life’s passion), most of us want to do it right now! We want to immediately switch gears and do what makes our hearts sing while still maintaining our current income and taking care of our current obligations.

The universe, however, has divine timing and unique ways of fulfilling our life’s purpose that we can’t fathom. All our personal and career experiences add to the talents required to fulfill our unique mission in the world. Keeping our eyes open, bravely stepping out and exploring new opportunities, and being patient are vital assets for soul journeyers.

In my dharmic journey, I use skills I have been amassing for my entire lifetime: challenging childhood situations, 30+ years in the tech industry, yoga training, project management experience, writing, life coach training, intuition training, and more. I explored these areas because I simply loved them, not knowing they would combine in unique ways later in life.

So listen to your soul, let go of things that do not serve you, embrace things that make your soul sing, keep your eyes open and be patient. Align your energy with affirmations and manifesting. Join me for a soul coaching session, and we can really dive in!

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