How many different descriptors do we place at the end of the sentence I am … ?  Likely many of them are negative.  Many are things that have been told to us by family, friends, co-workers, etc.  Many come from our own harsh view of ourselves.  Many are really temporary states – like emotions, appearances, thoughts, etc. – things simply passing through the bowl.  Did you know that thoughts starting with I am are planted differently within the brain than statements that begin with I feel?

First off, you can simply leave those two words alone and they are a sentence (not per spell check, but still).  I AM.  done.  My higher Self/soul is present, always has been, always will be and is not imprinted with any of the things associated with my ego/self.   I simply am.  I am the witness to all that is being experienced by my 5 senses and all the thoughts going through my brain.

So if you feel the need to put something after those two words, let it be something positive, something POWERFUL!   Let it be something you would be willing to wear on a tee shirt or display on a billboard.  Don’t worry if the world isn’t reflecting it yet – embody it and the world will follow suit.   And don’t short change yourself – don’t let your ego brain chime in!  I AM LOVE!  I AM PERFECT!  I AM WHOLE!  I AM A HEALER!  I AM HEALTHY!  I AM LIVING IN ABUNDANCE!  I AM!

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