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Heart (Attitudinal) Intention

How is your primary, or dharma intention coming along?  Hopefully you have a version that is resonating with you and which you can use during your meditation practice.  Lets work on a secondary intention.  This intentions focuses on you, how you see your self and the world.  You’ll likely keep this intention for a long while, as you want to pick something that is deeply rooted and affecting multiple areas of your life.  Grab a piece of paper and a pen and lets get started!

First:  Write down one or more things in your life that are not working the way you would like.  Examples: low energy, constant health issues, a relationship dynamic, your work environment, etc.  Hone in on one that is the most glaring or impactful to you right now, or perhaps see a common thread.

Second: What habit(s) you are engaging in that are contributing to the situation?  Examples: eating junk food, engaging in gossip, not speaking up for yourself, losing your temper, becoming unfocused, etc.

Third: How would you like to be in this situation?  Write down full or partial sentences, even just words.  Examples: I only eat when I am hungry, I find the right words to articulate my feelings, I am confident, focused, I value myself, etc.

Fourth: Describe what you would be like if you were free of this habit or way of being.  How would you feel inside?  What would you do differently.  Again, write down full or partial sentences, or just words.  Examples: Confident, I would feel appreciated, Energized, able to take on new challenges, etc.

Fifth: Look at your answers to the last 2 questions.  Circle words or phrases that deeply resonate with you.

Sixth: Use what you have circled to formulate an intention.  You intention should be brief and stated in the present tense.  It should deeply resonate with you – play with it until its just right!  Examples:  I have abundance in my life, I am empowered to speak from my authentic self, I treasure myself and others as perfect and whole, I am valuable and unique, I am vibrantly healthy and whole, etc.

Report back on how it goes!!!

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