Harness Your Spring Energy

Harness Your Spring Energy

I don’t know about you, but I feel a boost of energy in the spring.  I feel inspired to clean out my closet, scrub the house from top to bottom, learn something new and go outside.  Sometimes I get a bit scattered, enamored with more ideas than I can fit into my day.

Research suggests that one reason for this increase in energy is a boost in dopamine – a chemical that promotes pleasure, motivation, confidence and memory – which increases as the clock springs forward and we have longer periods of daylight.

Take advantage of this natural dopamine edge, letting go of stale emotions and habits and moving towards what really resonates within your heart.  Be systematic, ensuring you channel your energy in exactly the right places.  Try the exercise below – it works really well for me!


  1. At the top of a note or sticky on your computer or wall, write your dharma/sankalpa.  If you haven’t done yours yet, take a look at January’s theme talk for how-tos.
  2. Create a bullet list of the areas in your life that are most important, like family, friends, pets, various creative passions, areas for learning, etc.  These should be things that are valuable to you and that energize you.  Keep the list to 7 or less.  Ex. Family, Writing, Being Outdoors, Learning the Harp 
  3. Place the list where you can see it easily, everyday.
  4. As you decide how to focus this spring energy, bounce any ideas against your list and ensure that they support both your dharma/sankalpa and an item on your ‘most important’ list.  This will enable you to harness and get the MOST out of your spring!

ps. The Pasque flowers up Cement Creek Road are lovely right now!


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