Over 15 years ago, I had a story emerge in my heart that asked to be written.  While my mom and brother were both writers, I was more of an avid reader.  But I answered the call.  It was like the story was pouring out of me and asked only that I capture it on paper.  

Once I had the first draft, I engaged an award-winning author who was also a writing coach.  From there, the journey began to edit and ready the story for publishing.  I loved the experience and slowly molded the story into what is now “Joinings.”  A tale with deep intuition at its core, this fictional work explores a family of women, the firstborn in each generation possessing an intuitive gift.

Then, as now, I typically don’t see my creative offerings as on par with others, so while I tried briefly to find an agent, I opted to self-publish my book.  You can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and eBay.  I’ve had the pleasure of attending a book club or two where they read and reviewed my book – SO fun!  I am always asked about the basis of my characters and if I have the psychic gifts of the women in my book.  I was usually elusive while believing within myself that while I did believe the gifts I described were possible, they were not available to me.  Now, I might have a different answer!

After publishing “Joinings,” I completed another fictional work.  This story also has a mystical bent.  I didn’t know why I was so drawn to the spiritual, magical world, but as with the first story, this tale was waiting to be told.  Available in digital format via Amazon, the write-up is below:

Have you ever experienced déjà vu, the requisite chill racing up your spine? How about a sense of intuition, lurking at the edge of your consciousness, pestering you to seek out its source? Or what about awakening from a dream, wondering about the strange imagery and what it all means?

Kate Graham, a literature professor living in Boulder, Colorado and Conary McGreggor, a bookseller in Scotland, have never met and appear to have little in common, save their love of WB Yeats. Yet forces Kate can’t name are dredging up her past and pushing her towards a literary conference in Edinburgh, while Conary is suffering panic attacks and seeking out the help of an eccentric, mystical psychologist. In my novel, The Night Poets, you will find out that what draws them together extends back before their births and holds surprises for their future – if their guardian angels can use their love of poetry to get them to the same place at the same time.

The Night Poets
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