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Embody Peace

This meditation is 25 minutes and plants the intentions “I am the embodiment of peace.”

Two things to know before you begin:

Bumblebee Breath

Bunblebee breath is a yogic breath that draws attention inward and creates vibrations in your skull.   To perform this breathing technique, place your thumbs lightly over your ears and your remaining fingers on your forehead.  Your tongue should rest on the roof of your mouth behind your teeth.  Your teeth and lips will be slightly touching.  Now hum.  Give it a try!

Body tension and release

I will cue you to hold your breath as you tense parts of the body.  If you have any medical issues that preclude the holding of your breath, just tense the muscles but breath normally.

Okay – you are ready!  Set your mat and everything up before you begin to play this meditation.  Its 25 minutes in length and plants the intention “I am the embodiment of peace”.  Enjoy!

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