Do You Prioritize Self-Care?

Do you prioritize and carve out time for self-care? If not, why? A trend I see in my coaching practice is that while people state self-care is critical, it often doesn’t make it to their actual to-do list.

One reason may be that while you logically believe self-care is critical, your beliefs are sabotaging you. Deep inside, you don’t believe you are worthy of the same love and kindness you show to others. Ironically, the more time you spend in pursuits that feed your soul, the more you will discover how beautiful, unique, and worthy are you are! You’ll develop a satisfying relationship with yourself; become more balanced and grounded; have more to offer your loved ones, and be better equipped to make choices that benefit and serve you.

Another reason may be that self-care doesn’t feel productive. Activities that involve completing tasks, achieving something, and checking things off a list may leave you feeling like you got more done at the end of the day. But this begs the question of what does it mean to be productive? I invite you to consider that actively growing and being fruitful internally is as important as being fruitful externally. The journey of knowing and expanding yourself is deeply fulfilling and enhances everything you offer to the world.

The third reason may be that you are simply out of practice. Your current routines don’t include self-care, and it’s hard to change. To overcome this obstacle, start small and grow. Carve out small segments of time a few times a week to do things that feed your soul. Once you feel the benefits, you will naturally want to create larger, more frequent self-care time blocks.

Remember that the universe gave you an ongoing reminder that doing needs to be balanced with being: your breath. For every inhale, there must be an exhale. Let this remind you that your outward doing needs to be balanced with inward being.

Want to explore self-care further, creating a plan perfect for you? Contact me for a complimentary sample coaching session. 

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