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Daily Mindfulness

How do I go from 100 mph to zero on a busy day? Many of my clients say they want to spend time each day quieting their minds, but it is hard to transition to a quiet state, especially when they only have limited time. But consistently practicing over time does make a difference. Here are some ways to insert mindfulness into your day, even if you have a limited time budget.

  • Be kind to yourself. Depending on your day’s activity and your emotions, you may not get to that perfect zen state you are seeking, and that’s okay.  
  • Find times that work for you. Practicing first thing in the morning, before bed, or during natural lulls in your day can work well.  
  • Anchor your self-care time to another daily activity that you routinely do.  This makes you more likely to do it.
  • Pick something that resonates with you. There are lots of choices, so explore. Slow, mindful breathing is simple and effective.
  • Set realistic goals. Start with just 10 minutes of meditation, yoga, Qigong, or your self-care modality of choice. You can always exceed your minimum.
  • Use the power of intentions. Whereas a goal can be met or not, an intention is a way of being or direction that allows for continual improvement. Intentions are short, present-tense phrases that state your desired way of being, e.g. “I am grounded and calm.” Plant your intention in your mind before bed, upon waking, during meditations, or other parts of your day. Do something with your non-dominate hand and state the intention in your mind.  
  • Integrate mindfulness techniques into your day during normal activities. For example, when you are walking somewhere – like to a meeting, the breakroom, or the restroom – allow your energy to move down through the soles of your feet. Let your feet be heavy and grounded. Exhale stress through the soles of your feet. I found this practice very effective when I worked in the corporate world.

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