Clarify Your Energy

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Clarify Your Energy

Wow.  We just finished our first Clarify Your Energy retreat in Carbondale, Colorado.   My retreat co-hostess, Dana Hersh Don, and I had the honor of going on an energetic journey with four beautiful souls in the fabulous True Nature Healing Arts yoga center.  Each day, we focused on an element of energy.  I will be reviewing them for you so that you can take a mini journey as well.  You can also consider joining us in 2019 for our next retreat!

Start from a clean, clear energetic place

Think of yourself as a container through which all of life’s experiences pass.  The container is filled with pure space, silence.  It is a backdrop for all that we sense and feel.  Optimally, experiences simply arise, are experienced and dissolve.  Sometimes, however, we hold onto emotions associated with the experience: pain, grief, anger, self-pride, etc.  Sometimes an experience leaves fear in its wake, sometimes preferences.  Some experiences are so traumatic that we can’t process them – almost like they blow our internal circuit breaker –  and they simply get stuck.  Our goal is to clarify our energy within, letting go of what needs to go.

Begin clearing old, stagnant energy

– Let go of all that limits you.  Write down on scraps of paper any negative beliefs you hold about yourself.  In a safe container, burn these limiting beliefs, watching as they turn into smoke, released into the universe.

– Create an intention to direct your energy.  Use the instructions in the Intention theme talk to think through and create your intention.  Reach out on the discussion board if you’d like input.

– Utilize the meditation in the Beauty of the Bowl theme to visualize and experience the clear space of energy within you.

Cultivate an understanding of your energy and begin to strengthen it

Utilize the walking meditation and/or kosha meditation to experience the various energetic layers within your body: the physical layer, the breath, or energetic layer, the mental layer, the wisdom layer and the bliss layer.  These layers, or sheaths, are called “koshas.”  When we understand them and know how to navigate within them, we deepen our ability to take ourselves to that place where we feel peaceful and calm, able to be the witness of experiences as they come and go.

Identify and remove energy blocks within your body

Often, we don’t even need to know the event that left stagnant energy within our body, we just need to let it go.  When we go deeply into yoga nidra meditation and quiet the thinking mind, our energy can be released from the mind’s bidding, freed to heal our physical, emotional and energetic bodies.  Often when this healing, or release of energy happens, we feel an actual physical twitch or sensation somewhere in our bodies.  Sometimes it brings up a feeling of dis-ease, as whatever needs to go rises to the surface and moves out.  This process happens every time you practice yoga nidra, and to a certain extent every time you sleep.  It can also occur with sound – check out the sound recording under the energy tools tab.  You can take yourself through a more methodical energy release process by using the Remove Energy Blocks yoga nidra included with this month’s theme.

Integrate and move forward.

Plant your intention and move forward on the right path.  Embedding your intention at the deepest levels enables you to tune your energy and manifest your heart’s desire.  Use the Intention theme meditations to plant the intention you crafted above. Enjoy the journey!

This month: Focus on going through the steps outlined above.  Journal whatever arises, allowing you to go more deeply into the process.  Know that this cycle will continue for the rest of your life: clearing, letting go, moving forward with your intentions.

This walking meditation is designed to be enjoyed while you are in nature, walking.  Listen via a single earbud.  Enjoy!

Start Meditation

This 35 minute meditation focuses on the koshas, drawing you deep within.  Get comfy and enjoy!!

Start Meditation

Listen to this meditation to locate and remove energy blocks within your body.  It is part of this month’s theme, Clarify Your Energy.


Start Meditation

Reminder: Any poses or breath techniques I cue in an asana practice are merely suggestions.  Your body and your doctor know more than I do, so only do what makes sense and is recommended for you.

Your Clarify Your Energy asana practice warms up the body, focusing on your chakras.   This practice is 26 minutes long and is intended to ready the body for yoga nidra meditation.

Props:  Mat & a blanket (optional).  Have a blanket, bolster and eye pillow ready if you will be meditating after the practice.


Start Practice 1


While yoga nidra enables us to clear energy, sound is a powerful tool as well.  Take a listen to Dana’s sound recording below.  The vibrations and frequencies created through sound dislodge and move energy and also have the power to change our internal frequency, cleansing our energy field and bringing us to a more relaxed, restored state.  If you love this sound recording sampling, consider going to Dana’s Sound Healing workshops at Yoga for the Peaceful, or you can set up a private sound session with her.  You can also attend a kirtan or gong bath near you.

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