Mixed Style Meditations

Satyananda Sariswati, or fusion-style yoga nidra meditations.

Vishuddha daily meditation image

This 23 minute meditation helps you plant the intention “I choose my words wisely. I speak truthfully and lovingly.” Start Meditation

Manipura nighty nite meditation image

This 20.5 minute Nighty Nite meditation plants the intention: “I am radiant and powerful. I move through life with confidence and grace.” Start Meditation

kosha walking meditation image

This 22 minute walking meditation is designed to be enjoyed while you are in nature, walking.  Listen via a single earbud. Start Meditation

It All In Your Head Nighty Nite with Music Meditation Image

This 17.5 minute Nighty Nite meditation helps you connect to the divine at eyebrow center.  Contains ambient music. Start Meditation

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