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Carin Back from Training

I returned yesterday from the Advanced Yoga Nidra training that I attended at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Florida.  Wow.  So amazing.  It was great to dive even deeper into the origins and elements of yoga nidra, connecting it to the Yoga Sutras and Upanishads.  It was also wonderful – maybe the highlight  – to get to listen to meet Gurudev and listen to his teachings.  Also, while I was there, we celebrated his 86th birthday!   I also received a lot of new cards (woo-hoo) and we covered kids yoga nidra!  You can look forward to some kids yoga nidra recordings in an upcoming theme:  A Child at Heart.

Based on what I  learned, I updated this months theme talk a bit to ensure it was clear and correct regarding the Amrit thinking regarding ajna chakra, or the third eye.  This special place within us is the doorway to our soul.  Our heart, on the other hand, is where our individualized consciousness resides, housing all of our memories that we carry with us, memories that can affect our behavior in the present.  Check it out!

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