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Carin Lockhart
Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner
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I use sound therapy to harmonize your body’s energy, helping you deeply relax and freeing you from old emotions and behavioral patterns.

Biofield tuning is a technique that uses tuning forks to restore the body’s energy resonance. The forks are applied both on the body and in the biofield, the electromagnetic energy field surrounding the body. As the vibrations work in the field, they release trapped energy associated with old events, mindsets, and behaviors. This enables us to return the freed energy to our main energy flow and release the associated emotional, mental, and physical effects.

The effects of Biofield tuning can include a brighter, more spacious feeling within the body, a calmer mind, more presence and clarity, the release of emotions associated with memories, the release of unhelpful mental and behavior patterns, ease of chronic physical ailments, and more.

During a personalized Biofield tuning session, the client is invited to lie on a massage table, relax, and observe bodily sensations, being curious and open about what is present. The practitioner, attuned to the client’s unique energy, uses forks on specific body points and 5-6 feet in the field around the body. Some forks are unweighted, creating more sound, while others are weighted, creating deeper vibrations. The client’s deep wisdom, guided by the sound provided, initiates positive changes in the body and releases what is ready to go. I will give you meditations, and yoga poses to incorporate post-session to help reinforce your energy release.


Biofield Tuning Prices & Packages

The benefits of Biofield Tuning are cumulative. During each session, your body releases stuck energy and its associated emotions and behavioral patterns. I recommend starting with a minimum of three sessions.

Single Biofield Tuning Session

$ 100
  • 75-minute session

Purchase each session when the timing is right for you.

3-Session Punch Card

$ 275
  • Three 75-minute sessions

Enjoy the cumulative effects of multiple sessions, allowing the body to return to its natural state and release what no longer serves you. This punch card is valid for one year.

5-Session Punch Card

$ 425
  • Five 75-minute sessions

Truly create transformation in your body, mind, and spirit!  This punch card is valid for one year.

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Curious and want to know more? Let’s do a complementary 30-minute session!

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