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Benefits of Yoga Nidra

By now, you have hopefully enjoyed multiple long and short yoga nidra meditations.  You may be noticing that you feel more grounded and centered.  You may be clearly seeing your destructive habits/patterns, able to be less reactionary and more response-oriented.  You may be sleeping more deeply.  You may be noticing some of the yoga nidra experiences mentioned in my previous post.

Know that the more you practice the more transformation will happen!  Old habits may become glaringly visible, or may simply fall away.  You will find new ways of thinking and being, becoming more and more connected to your inner self.  Physical maladies may be improved or completely go away.  You will find that ability to separate from thoughts and moods, having clarity from the place of presence.  Changes will emerge in your life that serve your higher self – this is REALLY fun to experience!  You will begin to see your meditation time as one of the key practices in your life.

Starting in January, we will begin working to craft intentions that we can then plant deep within your Self.  This is one of the most important practices in yoga nidra as it allows your life to transform in ways that serve your dharma.  We will create 2 intentions – one for your life’s purpose and one for your state of being.  This has been sooo powerful for me, and I am excited to share it with YOU!  Continue practicing as often as you can and notice the changes in your life (journaling is a great way to track your journey).

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