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Being While Doing

When we embark on a soul journey, we picture ourselves in meditation—becoming one with the universe, finding perfect peace and stillness. While meditation is a potent tool, you can embark on a soul journey during virtually any activity. Since one of the most common complaints I hear in coaching is “I don’t have enough time to add anything else to my day,” this is good news.

Connecting with your soulful self means taking whatever you are doing and letting it be your sole focus as you quiet your mind and allow new wisdom to emerge. For example, if you are washing the dishes with the sole intent of finishing the task so that you can watch your favorite television show, you are thinking of the future and going through the motions. What if you consider washing the dishes a valuable endeavor that promotes your soul journey?

As you wash each dish, you quiet your mind, becoming present, thinking about the smell of the soap, the feel of the water, or the beauty of each dish. Perhaps you consider that all cleaning is temporary, that everything will require washing again at some point. This sparks an inner understanding that the road to self-discovery will always involve working through newly-discovered patterns and traits that distance us from ourselves. Or maybe it reminds you that doing things with your hands allows your mind to settle. Perhaps the dish was given to you by a loved one, evoking pleasant memories. Or maybe you are fearful about breaking a dish, which allows old wounds to arise for consideration. Whatever arises, being present and allowing insights or emotions to arise will ignite a conversation with your soulful self.

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