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Have you ever considered what it means to be powerful? Do you feel like you are powerful? Do you even want to be? I asked myself these questions recently and discovered some interesting perspectives.

We often associate power as a masculine trait -strong, and forceful. We may also see it as an undesirable trait, something used to manipulate people for personal gain. But if you consider that we are all energy, you can view power as a way to channel your energy for the greater good.

Consider an athlete focused on hitting a golf ball or baseball. To be successful in creating the burst of energy that will connect with the ball, they have to be aligned and focused, body, mind, and soul. They must be fully present, engaged with the moment. They must be focused on what they desire. The ability to align body, mind, and soul and send transformative energy into the world is power.

So for us to be powerful, to affect positive change in the world, we must be aligned in our body, mind, and soul, embodying our targeted change as though it is already true. We are not wishing or hoping, we are confident of what we can accomplish in all areas of our being.  We are focused on success, not on failure.

Join the SoulCircle as we discuss the concept of power, situations that help us feel more powerful, situations that deplete our power, and how to cultivate power in our lives.  We’ll mix a bit of yogic perspective on our topic, lots of group discussion, and a yoga nidra meditation to pull it all together.

Sessions are limited to 6 women.  We meet will meet Sunday, 2-4 pm at Thrive Yoga Crested Butte, 326 Elk Ave.

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