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Everything in this life is a beautiful dance of balance.  We need sunshine and we need rain.  We need the social bonds of friendship and we need solitude.  We enjoy activities in our waking hours and also the rest that comes with sleep.  When things become out of balance, we, and our physical world, become out of balance along with it.

I truly believe that the universe, God, knows the balance that we need.  People, things and opportunities are brought into our life in due course, exactly at the right time and in exactly the right amount for each of us.  But often, because we like to manage and control things, and because we are not deeply attuned with our hearts, we are unable to allow this process to unfold in its own time.  We worry and sometimes force things to happen that are not in our own best interests.  We are, in fact, so busy trying to plan, control and manage things that we don’t see what may be right in front of us, something that is a perfect fit.

Any discussion on abundance should start here.  It should start with realizing that our thinking brain is often very off-course with what it wants and pursues.  Diving more deeply within helps us connect to our higher self who knows exactly what we need and who can help make it a reality.  This leads to having just the right amount of exactly what you need, which truly is abundance.


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