Embracing Abundance

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Embracing Abundance

When we think about abundance, we usually think of having an infinite supply of something, or at least more than whatever we currently have.  More.  Our capitalistic society is practically predicated on the idea of it, and our ego self is happy to buy into the concept.  We want more things, more money, more talent, more beauty, more time…just plain more.

The perceived benefit of having more is the idea that if we have an ample supply of everything, we will never feel deprived and our lives will be easier.  We won’t have to ‘go without.’  This exposes two assumptions:

That we have aversions about experiencing lack. If we don’t have certain material things, talents or opportunities, our life will be less fulfilling.

We believe there is scarcity in the world. Scarcity of resources, talents, opportunities, etc.  There is innate competition in life for these things.

I believe we can change not only ourselves, but the world, by altering these assumptions in tandem.

An aversion to experiencing lack: Ridding ourselves of the aversion to experiencing lack starts by recognizing that we are, at our core, divine energy, separate from our ego mind and physical body.  As this divine energy, we are able to witness experiences, thoughts and emotions without letting them define us.  By cultivating this ability, we can allow ourselves to simply be in the present moment, without aversion or preference to what each moment brings.  We draw more from the bounty of gifts within us to find spiritual fulfillment and less from buying and having more things.

Belief that there is scarcity: The universe, by its nature, is the epitome of abundance.  Throughout our lives, we are presented with all we require to live fulfilling, loving lives.  Not only that, but what the universe presents to us, personally, is a custom fit for our unique needs.  Scarcity is something we, as a society, have created through competition, depletion of resources and greed.

So if we embrace the fact that we are divine energy witnessing the experiences of our mind and body, if we understand that we already have most, if not all, the spiritual resources we need to thrive already within us, and if we believe that the universe contains all that we need and will lovingly provide it as required, we will experience true abundance.  We will have so much more by chasing after so much less.  And as each one of us changes from the inside out, imagine how the world can change.  Less competition.  More generosity.  Abundance.

Manifesting: There are times when we want to align what we deeply desire with what the universe is bringing to us.  We’ll focus on that when we dive into manifesting.


This month, set an intention to do the following:

Take 3-5 minutes each morning to sit and breathe before you start the day. Breathe mindfully.  Observe the abundance of air filling your lungs.  Observe the abundance of stillness within you and around you (note that even if you hear sounds, they are simply waves moving through the silence).  Observe the abundance of time.  Sink deeply into the abundance of vibrant energy within your core, knowing that it is a piece of the universal energy extending everywhere.  Let yourself feel a deep sense of gratitude for all that you have and all that the universe may bring your way in the day ahead.

Listen to your short yoga nidra recording every other day

Listen to your long yoga nidra recording once a week

You will likely be doing other wonderful yoga related work  – going to studio classes, doing the asana practice provided at home, reading the blog posts – but let the list above be your minimum baseline.

Relax and enjoy your daily March Abundance’ yoga nidra recording.  This meditation is 21 minutes in length. Be completely comfy and ready before starting the recording.

Start Meditation

Relax and enjoy your daily March,  ‘Embracing Abundance’ yoga nidra recording.  This meditation is 23 minutes in length. Be completely comfy and ready before starting the recording.

Start Meditation

Relax and enjoy your  Amrit-style, abundance yoga nidra recording.  This meditation is 35 minutes in length and plants the intention “I have abundance in my life.  I trust the universe to provide exactly what I need”.

The bumble bee breath practice is included in this meditation.  This breath style creates a beautiful vibration in the body.  To perform this breath practice, place your thumbs over your ears and your other four fingers on either side of your forehead.  Position your tongue directly behind your upper teeth and close your mouth, lips just touching.  When prompted, hum  at a pitch that resonates within your head.  While you will be prompted with these same cues within the meditation, its nice to try it out and be comfortable with the practice before you begin.

Be completely comfy and ready before starting the recording.

Start Meditation

Reminder: Any poses or breath practices I cue in an asana practice are merely suggestions.  Your body and your doctor know more than I do, so only do what makes sense, and is recommended for you.

Your first asana practice will prepare your body for meditation.  This practice is 13 minutes long and can be followed by any of the yoga nidra meditations.

Props:  Mat.  Blanket optional.

Your second asana practice is a vin yin — some slow, deep yin poses to open up the joints intermixed with some movement for the muscles.  This hour long sequence will enable you to enjoy the meditative and physical gifts of your practice.  Remember to include a 5 – 10 minute savasana when its done, or listen to your guided yoga nidra meditation.

Props:  Mat, 2 blocks, blanket. 

Start Practice 1

Start Practice 2

Donna Eden, author of multiple books on energy medicine, recommends the “Fear Tap” as a way to rid yourself of fear – real time anxiety or long-standing phobias.  As I believe that most of you reading this are not likely wanting in basic necessities, I am focusing on an energy tool that will help rid you of any fears that are leading to a belief in scarcity or to a need to ‘overindulge’ in some way.

Find the spot midway between wrist and the start of your fingers, midway between your ring and little fingers.  Using your opposite hand, tap that spot for a 30 -60 seconds.  Repeat on the opposite hand.  Engage a deep yogic breath while tapping (mindful inhales and exhales).  You are literally tapping into an acupressure point within the body.

Source: Donna Eden’s “Little Book of Energy Medicine”

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