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Carin Lockhart
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Carin Lockhart, E-RYT500, YACEP, Certified Amrit, iRest and Saraswati Yoga Nidra Facilitator, Certified Intuition Master Practitioner, & Certified Biofield Tuner.

Welcome to my YoGo page! If you are like me, desiring to live your best life, in the midst of the chaos and noise, then you’ve come to the right place! I am a yogi dedicated to continually transforming my life and helping others do the same. I care deeply about you and want to journey alongside you, offering support as you walk your path.

Certified Intuition Master Practitioner

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A slow-paced Hatha practice with organic movement and strength-building long holds. End-of-class yoga nidra meditation.
Join me and explore Yoga Nidra in June, or Deep Sensing in July!
Embody joy and live your dharma by learning to nourish your unique physical and soulful selves.
Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are

I LOVE what I do. Every day, I live and grow my spiritual and yogic practice and share it with others. Whether 10 or 1000, ...
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Living Soulfully

I Want my Dharma Now!

Once we start down the path of living our dharma (life’s passion), most of us want to do it right now! We want to immediately ...
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2022 Retreat

Upcoming Events

I love fall! The crisp morning air, the glorious color, the after-glow from my recent retreat, and, oddly, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils. I ...
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Rewrite Your Character Description

Like all authors, I create descriptions for each character when I write. What do they look like? What motivates them? What are their interests, beliefs, ...
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YoGo Teachers App

The Meaning of OM

Most of the time, people look at the beautiful symbol of Om and think of it as the foundational vibration of the universe. And it ...
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yogo teachers app

Quieting the Mind

In the Upanishads, ancient Hindu texts, the workings of the mind are likened to a charioteer and his horses. The chariot is the body, the ...
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gratitude on a mountain

Being While Doing

When we embark on a soul journey, we picture ourselves in meditation—becoming one with the universe, finding perfect peace and stillness. While meditation is a ...
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Woman thinking

The Right Questions

When we are stuck, we typically focus on solutions. It seems rational, right? You have a problem, your need a way to solve it. But ...
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Soul Coaching

Embark on some Soul Coaching with me!   As many of you know, I am about to complete my life coaching certification. I have begun ...
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man meditating on a busy street

Daily Mindfulness

How do I go from 100 mph to zero on a busy day? Many of my clients say they want to spend time each day ...
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daisy beetween wood planks


What does it mean to be kind? Some behaviors are clearly unkind, like those seen in the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine. But what about ...
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Do You Prioritize Self-Care?

Do you prioritize and carve out time for self-care? If not, why? A trend I see in my coaching practice is that while people state ...
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coaching and mentoring

Why Coaching?

Coaching is mainly about helping people discover the gems of wisdom that already lie within them. So why is a coach necessary? If the answer ...
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Path Card

Seeing Our Reflection in a Mirror

I love Louise Hay’s “Power Thought Cards”. I use them in my retreat gift bags and sometimes randomly leave them in varying places around the ...
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Path Card

Being Powerful

Have you ever considered what it means to be powerful? Do you feel like you are powerful? Do you even want to be? I asked ...
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Woman lifting her face to the sun

Live Soulfully – Silence Your Inner Playwright

We are all master storytellers. Our minds busily create stories about every experience and interaction we encounter. They place us as the main character, creating ...
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a woman reading a map

Making Decisions

We make decisions and choices every day, some of them small and some of them life-altering.  It would be nice to have a crystal ball, ...
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clouds with the sun behind them


Awakening Intuition My mother passed away in early 2019. Since her passing, she has started connecting with me, my existing intuitive abilities taking a giant ...
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Harnessing the Power of Humanness at Work

It’s another typical project. Someone in senior management decided that you need a system change. I’ve seen it many times. In one company, a new ...
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Believe in yourself written in the sand


I thought I knew and was living my dharma, or life mission, but the more I dove into it, the more I realized it was ...
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Throughout the universe, there are patterns. Blueprints of similarity that unexplainably find their way into objects bearing no apparent similarity, from the microscopic to the ...
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Retreat Group in Lounge

2021 Retreat September 10 – 13

The 2021 Retreat is taking shape!  We’ll be back at True Nature Healing Arts in Carbondale during the wonderful fall colors.  This year, instead of ...
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yoga nidra recording

Recorded March 22nd Yoga Nidra

This is a recording of the live yoga nidra done via zoom on March 22nd. It is 32 minutes in length and uses a fill-in-the-blank ...
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girl meditating

Meditation as your State of Being

When you first begin to meditate, you experience meditation as a discrete activity. You likely set aside a block of time, lie or sit down, ...
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61 Points Podcast image

Grace in the Gaps

While I have come across multiple definitions of the word grace, one that resonates with me is “the revealment of our true nature.”  This revealment ...
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heart locket

Creating a Sankalpa

Bypass New Year’s Resolutions and engage your heart by uncovering your sankalpa.  The word “sankalpa’ comes from the combination of san, a connection to the ...
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heart tree

The Most Important Conversations are via the Heart

The most important conversations we need to have with ourselves are often in a language we neither speak nor understand.  They’re not in the language ...
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The number 2 on a wood door

Completed iRest Level 2 Training

I am excited to announce that I completed the iRest level 2 training!  And…it was WONDERFUL!  Yoga Nidra is such a powerful practice and it ...
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a bird flapping their wings in the water

Shaking it Off

A topic that resonates with me lately is how to shake off emotions and thoughts that don’t serve me. I have had a couple of ...
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iRest books b Richard Miller


I am super excited!  Next week I will be starting my iRest level 1 certification.  I find all yoga nidra styles very interesting and I ...
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Vishuddha meditation image

Vishuddha Nighty Nite

Use this bedtime yoga nidra to help you gently fall asleep.  It plants the intention: “I choose my words wisely. I speak truthfully and lovingly.” ...
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Cultivating Independence Plant an Intention Meditation Image

Set an Intention

This 23-minute, recorded yoga nidra meditation enables you to insert your personal sankalpa or intention. Start Meditation
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Voice of the Heart Meditation image

Amrit Heart Meditation

This 30-minute meditation focuses on the heart. Start Meditation
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Beauty of the bowl daily meditation image

Beauty of the Bowl Daily Meditation

Relax and enjoy this 19-minute ‘Beauty of the Bowl’ yoga nidra recording. Start Meditation
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sunflower with a bee on it

Whats New for June?

Wow! A new format! Now, instead of popping into a theme each month, you will come to this search screen that enables you to easily ...
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Amrit Institute Logo

Carin Back from Training

I returned yesterday from the Advanced Yoga Nidra training that I attended at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Florida.  Wow.  So amazing.  It was great ...
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hammock by the beach

October Theme: It’s All in Your Head

Join me as we explore our ajna, or third eye, chakra in the Yoga Nidra Club during the month of October.  This place in the ...
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girl with heart balloon

Let Go

Many times when we are unable to stop managing and controlling things, its due to fear.  Fear of not having enough money, fear of losing ...
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meal of cheese, vegetables and bread

Mindfulness on Busy Days

So many people have noted lately that they are not listening to their meditations.  The desire is there, but life seems too busy right now.  ...
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gratitude on a mountain

Walking Meditation

By now you have hopefully tried your walking meditation.  The goal is to assist you in becoming aware of, and part of your surroundings, not ...
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monk writing

Gratitude Journal

I found a lovely online article on Gratitude journals and their benefits.  I would normally summarize the contents prior to providing the link, but this ...
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Gratitude Bowl Ideas

So… have you created your gratitude bowl (see the Energy Tool tab)? Consider adding a stone you found on a walk, one that evokes memories ...
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YoGo 61 Points Podcast Logo

61 Points

Its finally here!  The 61 Points podcast is live.  Check out the first two episodes – an introduction to the podcast and its title and ...
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Harness Your Spring Energy

Harness Your Spring Energy I don’t know about you, but I feel a boost of energy in the spring.  I feel inspired to clean out ...
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Root & Bloom via Your Food Choices & Yoga Practice

This month, in our Yoga Nidra Club, we are focusing on rooting and blooming; ensuring our roots are firmly planted as we unfurl into spring.  ...
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The Meaning of Luck

In preparation for my weekend yoga classes, I tried to think of a theme that tied to Saint Patty’s day — no small feat.  I ...
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tree in bowl


Everything in this life is a beautiful dance of balance.  We need sunshine and we need rain.  We need the social bonds of friendship and ...
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heart formed from tealight candles

A Burning Platform

As most of you know, I host a Yoga Nidra Club.  This is a subscription-based club that provides members online access to meditations, asana practices ...
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bubble on water

The Doing of Nothing

Did you happen to watch the Olympic snowboard half pipe competition?  It was fascinating, considering the daring tricks each athlete performed, the run that resulted ...
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light bulb

Mindfulness Hits the Mainstream

If you are an enthusiast of the latest leadership practices, you have likely noticed that mindful leadership is the topic of multiple books and is ...
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graphic heart design

Heart (Attitudinal) Intention

How is your primary, or dharma intention coming along?  Hopefully you have a version that is resonating with you and which you can use during ...
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glass hearts of different colors

Setting an Intention

The theme of our January page is intention setting.  It’s a great way to start the year!  Note that an intention is different than a ...
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close up of a pine tree branch

Stay Centered During the Holidays

Its so easy during the holidays to let our lives be run my to do lists and our social calendar.  Remember to enjoy it by ...
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Amrit method Certified Facilitator icon

Amrit Yoga Nidra Professional Certification

I am so excited that I want to share – I completed my 100 hour Amirt yoga nidra professional certification on Tuesday!  The experience has ...
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an eye

The self and the Self

We all have that sense that we are something much deeper than what we can perceive with our five senses or mind.  But any glimpse ...
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How many different descriptors do we place at the end of the sentence I am … ?  Likely many of them are negative.  Many are ...
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colorful are featuring the flowing image of a person

Benefits of Yoga Nidra

By now, you have hopefully enjoyed multiple long and short yoga nidra meditations.  You may be noticing that you feel more grounded and centered.  You ...
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tree with yellow leaves against a grey wall

8 Limbs of Yoga

The 8 Limbs of Yoga Yoga is a science designed to take you on the path to truly experiencing your true Self.  Yoga means to ...
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